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If you are thinking about renting our vessels with 20 horsepower (Dalmatinka, Remija) on your own, then we can recommend you to enjoy and see the coast and beaches on the left and right side of Rabac. It is allowed to drive a maximum distance of 10 kilometers in the direction of Opatija or another in the direction of Pula. With such vessels it is not allowed to go to the island (Cres) and cross the Kvarner Channel.

On the day of your departure, the instructor will show you the boat and the proper handling of it and the proper use of other important things on the boat. You can contact the instructor for any ambiguities that are not clear to you, and he will explain everything about driving and the rules at sea. You don't need to worry that you don't have very good internet at sea and you can always call for help by phone.However, the bays of Remac, Šenićina, Duga uvala, Jadrina, Sveta Marina will delight you with their beauty and beautiful beaches.

Towards Opatija

On the left side in the direction of Opatija, you have the beautiful beaches of Golubijera, their beaches and cliffs are special, and the high rocks are an ideal diving board for young people. You can jump in many such places, and the depth of the sea is ideal, so it is not dangerous to get injured. Also recommended are the caves with beaches in Plomin, which can only be reached by boat.

Towards Pula

On the right side in the direction of Pula, we can recommend many beaches and bays that can only be visited by boat, and with diving, swimming and lying in the sun, your day will pass quickly.
The big advantage of renting a boat is that you can change several positions for swimming and diving. You can always, if you get bored of a position by the beach, raise the anchor and find another position or swim and sunbathe at greater distances from land.

There is no risk of sharks in our waters.

If you decide to stop by St. Marina, which is also an autocamp, or the small town of Ravni, you can take a break in a local restaurant there.We recommend that you bring all the necessary food and drinks with you because you will have a strong appetite at sea and the real pleasure is to eat and drink something on the boat.

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