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See more of Croatie with Frufru Boats Rabac

Discover the joy of exploring on your own with Frufru Boats' 20 horsepower boats, Dalmatinka and Remija. We are proud to offer a rental boat with no licence service, which lets you explore the freedom of the open sea on your own.

Discovering the Coast:

Renting a boat in Rabac provides you the opportunity to leisurely explore the left and right side of the town, by sea. Wondering what there is to see?:

Towards Opatija:

  • Golubijera beaches and their beautiful surrounding landscape
  • Seaside cliffs and tall rocks offer perfect diving spots
  • Isolated beaches near Plomin only reachable by boat

Towards Pula:

  • Discover remote beaches and bays accessible only by boat
  • Beautiful diving and snorkelling in clear blue waters
  • Quiet coves to explore

One of the main joys, when you hire a boat in Rabac, is the freedom it gives you! You have the option to switch between multiple locations. If you find yourself getting bored of the location you are in, simply turn on the motor and move on to a new spot!

Safe Waters & Shoreside Dining

Croatia's clear blue waters are shark-free, so you can enjoy a dip in the sea without worrying about any uninvited guests!

Having so much fun can create a big appetite, so to make the most of your boat rental experience, we suggest packing snacks and refreshments to keep you fueled. However, if you did want to stop for a bite to eat along the way, there are plenty of shoreside dining options on offer.

You're free to explore up to 10 Kilometres, in either direction! Be it towards Pula or Opatija - just remember that our boats are not permitted to pass into Cres or cross the Kvarner Channel.

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