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A skipper for your boat

The Skipper

In our offer with a skipper, you are offered several boat rental options: You can have a panoramic ride for 2 hours and, if possible, see dolphins (there are many of them in this area). The most popular excursion is half a day or 4 hours, which is ideal if you would like to go to the famous Lubenice beach and visit the blue cave. In this package deal, you cannot go to see the small town of Valun and the old town of Cres. In this boat rental option, you can therefore enjoy beautiful beaches, beautiful and untouched nature and dolphins.

The whole day

If you decide on a whole day or 8 hours with our skipper, we can offer you several options and that arrangement is the best because you have the opportunity to experience several options that are offered to you. In addition to the blue cave, Lubenice and many other beaches on the island of Cres, you can visit the beautiful islands of Žeća, Unije, Susak, Mali and Veliki Lošinj. This option is ideal for visiting the old town of Cres and the small fishing village of Valun. A very good recommendation is to take a break in Cres and Valun because they have good restaurants and the position, ambience and location by the sea can't be beat.

In our attractive offer,  we have a boat rental with a skipper who is at your disposal for the whole day or half a day, it all depends on you and how you want to spend your time. 

The skipper will take you to interesting sights and beautiful beaches, bays and cliffs, the beaches of which can only be reached by boat. You can always expect a small crowd at our most important attraction, the blue cave, but the beauty will pleasantly surprise you.

If you decide to drive a little longer, you can visit numerous small islands (Susak, Unije), some of which are uninhabited (Zeća). In the offer with a speedboat, you can also visit small towns such as Valun, Cres and Osor, which, in addition to their beauty, offer an excellent gastronomic offer. In addition to beautiful nature and lots of swimming, we also have the possibility of towing skis and fun tubes on the water, and to take our guests diving and fishing. Of course, all equipment can be rented from us.

What to rent

If you are thinking about renting our vessels with 20 horsepower (Dalmatinka, Remija) on your own, then we can recommend you to enjoy and see the coast and beaches on the left and right side of Rabac. It is allowed to drive a maximum distance of 10 kilometers in the direction of Opatija or another in the direction of Pula. With such vessels it is not allowed to go to the island (Cres) and cross the Kvarner Channel

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